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Too scared to sleep XD

Hahahahaha! I just watched this thing called Most haunted live and now I'm to scared to go to sleep, but meh, that doesn't say much for me, tell me a good (*And said to be true*) Ghost story and I won't sleep well for one or two nights afterwards.
Anyway the show is basiclly people going to these haunted places, they have some medium guy who can tell when spirits are there and can get possesed by them. Tonight they were at a place which has something to do with Witches and the last place they were in were some farmhouse I think and there they sat around a table and did this thing with a glass where they put their fingers on top of the glass and ask the spirit/s to move it and it was going like frickin' crazy and a number of the cast felt like they were being strangled, the table jumped up, the leg snapped off it.... gosh it was scary. I mean, yeah, they could have made it all up but I'm a silly little girl who believes in ghosts hence why I can't sleep now XD

But that's what Halloween is about isn't it, getting scared ;)
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