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Halloween stuffage!

Y'know what? I may pull off my Umbreon costume for Halloween after all ^^ But instead of being everyday clothes it might have to be more of a smart formal look. I have some black shirts and some black trousers (*Which fit....just*) so now all I really need is my headband and Arm/Leg bands which I can make out of the other black trousers I have (*They barely fit so I can cut them up*)

Just need to make and print out some yellow rings to iron onto them ^^

And while sorting out the trick or treat sweets I bought from work today I found this wrapper and thought it was quite amusing (*Yeah my dirty mind strikes again!*)

YAY for Fruit Pr0n! XD
Seriously....I think I need my head seeing too XD;;;;

***Goes back to putting together the quickly made Umbreon outfit***
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