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More UNCUT ramblings XD;;

:Weevil yaps on about wanting to beat Yugi in a duel.
YAMI YUGI: - (*With a somewhat intresting tone in his voice*) "Then come beat me, please!":

I took that line SO out of context and laughed a lot XD It's just the way he said it, it sounded so very suggestive "Come beat me, please!" XD I have such a perverted little mind sometimes *lol* That quote was from the first episode of the 2nd DVD by the way XD;;
Joey still uses big words *_____*

To FUNimation people,
I enjoy your uncut dub, please do more as I eventually want to see uncut dubbed Memories Arc ;) Thankyou!

Don't ask I'm feeling giddy right now, but yeah I wouldn't mind seeing the memories Arc done as the uncut dub, I LOVE that saga, but I wouldn't mind hearing it in English. It's my most favoruite and we wouldn't want all the priests (*Okay besides Seto*) sent to the Shadow Realm now do we ;)
I mean c'mon, Maahado deliberately stands in front of a swinging axe thing to sacrifice himself to merge with his Kaa magician thing XD I really not sure how the dub will challenge that... maybe just "Oh....he merged with his Kaa and the axe had nothing to do with it....yay!"
Or how about near the end when the two kids get burnt to a crisp by Zorc hummm? Or y'know, when Atemu falls to his "almost" doom Lion King style thanks to Theif Bakura.
Or the main thing.... HOW will the explain the creation of the MILLENNIUM ITEMS!? Killing a whole village for Ultimate power... I THINK NOT as far as the cut dub is concerned XD Still not sure how they'll end up pulling an explaination for that one off... they...erm....had to send the whole village to the Shadow Realm? The Shadow Realm is a good scape goat XD
This is why we need the uncut dub people! I mean, yeah the cut dub is fun too and I'll still watch that (*Cos the Shadow Realm is funariffic!*) but uncut dub is like ...er....uncut fun... YAY! XD
So many memories, I need to rewatch the memories saga again.
And I'm sure a lot of people would appriciate an uncut DOMA arc.

I'm gonna watch the Japanese version over the weekend I think X3

I don't think I'll stop talking about Yu-Gi-Oh for a while *lol*

Oh and my mouse keeps stopping from working with the computer telling me the USB device has maufunctioned and the computer can't reconize it, dunno what's going on there O_o;
And we almsot ran over a hedgehog coming home from work, good thing that the little thing walked onto the grass verge. I would have had to move it myself if it had decided to stay in the middle of the road, I wouldn't want to leave it there for another car to run over it. It was so cute and tiny aswell X3
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