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MIND CRUSH!!!11one!

Guess what? I got my uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs today X3 *squeals with delight* So far I've only watched the first three dubbed episodes on the first DVD and found it quite entertaining. Though I will admit the speech in some parts seems a little weird (*Yes it does seem a little slow at times but nothing major*)
Hey Joey uses such big words too XD I need to get used to slightly less goofy Joey *lol*

So in the uncut dub you get:
- Original Opening and Ending themes (*Complete with translated lyric subtitles*)
- Original Background Music
- Grandpa Motou keeps his original Japanese name
- The monsters and rest of the characters still retain their dub names (*As far as I can tell, I don't have major knowlage on the montser names but the black magician is still called the dark magician*)
- No blurred out Japanese writing :D
- and of course no cut scenes (*Double :D *)

Oh yeah and Mai's voice is different from her Original voice AND the one she has in the DOMA arc.

There's probably more to mention but I need to get ready for work soon, but I agree that if you want to see Yu-Gi-Oh in it's entirety then get these DVDs X3 I don't think you'll be dissapointed ^^ I might watch one of the subtitled Japanese episodes after work, I want to watch the one with Pegasus, his Japanese voice is funny *lol*

So to any FUNimation spies who maybe reading (*Not likely but still....*) Please pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease keep on releasing these DVDs, release the whole series uncut, pleeeeeease! I know that with 3 episodes per disk (*And 224 episodes in the whole series*) we're looking at a hell of a lot of DVDs but I'm willing to buy them X3

I need to get the uncut Shaman King ones soon aswell ^^;;

All together now, MIND CRUSH!!! XD
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