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The brother must GO!!!!!


He thinks he has the right to just come home and expect me to stop everything I'm doing (*MSN conversations and all*) just so HE can go on the net because HE is going out later. I TOLD the little rat I was in the middle of converstations, so I said neither yes nor no... but what he hears is "Oh yes I'll get off as soon as I can" So while I'm still talking on MSN to people I haven't talked to in a while he comes barging up into my room and goes "WELL!?!" and then goes on all this crap saying "Whaa, I asked you if I could go on"

Well my dear brother, asking is when you ASK someone and you either get YES or NO not ASK then EXPECT the frickin' answer to be yes...
...that little BRAT best move out soon >_< THIS WEEKEND HE BEST BE OUT AND GONE! Cos he's starting to get that big headed "I'm the master of everything and people best do what I say" attitude again >_<

On good news I took £3 off my dad when i saw that Wilkinson's had those Pokémon Advanced figurines.... bad news is that I STILL didn't get Mudkip... but alas I got Pikachu, Wynaut and Torchic... just Mudkip and Skitty to go...
....the Pikachu has a really freaky large head...
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