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Yugioh GX episode 4 - ......WTF?

I can't even beging to explain this episode, it was very crazy in a weird way and I barely understood what was going on, except all the kids went ecstaticlly crazy over getting some new cards after taking some test (*That juudai was late for, then it seemed him and Shou slept through it*) XD Juudai was really late cos he helped some woman push her van up the road, seems like she owns the card place or whatever and gives Juudai some rare card *Shrugs*

Eventually it gets into Juudai VS Jun and Jun almost wiped the floor with him if it wasn't for Juudai's amazing ability to make an amazing comeback at the last second in every duel he's been in so far. The card the old lady gave him I think evolved his Hane Kuriboh to Lv. 10 or something and totally owns Jun's big mecha alphabetical moster....whatever it is, the VWXYZ something or other XD Both monsters are destoryed by it's Juudai's turn so he lets out Featherman and wipes out all Jun's life points.

Hane Kuriboh...Level 10?

Does Juudai get premoted to Ra yellow after that? There's a lot of talk of Ra Yellow afterwards and later on in the Osiris Red dorm Shou and the Koala guy are on their own and Shou is really shocked/suprised over Juudai walking back through the door. Then Shou proceeds to cry like a baby and latches onto Juudai and seems to refuse to let go...
...seriously, they looked like a couple there XD Guess if he did get premoted to Ra Yellow he decided to stay in Osiris Red....I dunno...I haven't a clue what's going on O__________O;;;;;

And that ends that...seriously this episode was just....bizarre O_o;

Oh well, next episode marks the start of the episode with the supposed Shadow game in it, I'm intrested to know how they'll do that. Oh and in either episode 5 or 6 they reveal someone else can hear Hane Kuriboh's voice. I honestly hope there is a bigger storyline behind how Juudai can hear it's voice

Oh and earlier I was finally able to get my hands on the Background Music from Soukyuu no Fafner I love the background music ^^ But they AREN'T in MP3 format which just sucks a whole lot! What IS IT with all the new formats my computer can't play so i have to download all kinds of different freakin' plugins >_< I'm hoping another group will release it in MP3 format so i can put them onto my MP3 player...
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