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Let me tell you a tale of a girl who went shopping for some trousers and came home with one anime magazine, one Rave Master Manga and two King of Bandit Jing DVDs....and no trousers at all XD;;

Yeah I couldn't find the style I wnated at all and with halloween closing in I doubt I will. I'm mostly at work up until Saturday and apparently the weather will be bad tomorrow, my last chance is going into town before work, there's another shop I can try but I doubt I'll find any ;_; So much for being and Umbreon...

Halloween is a depressing time, I never get to have the fun I WANT to have...

But on the bright side I DID find an anime magazine I had only EVER seen in one place (*Which was in a bookstore in Leeds which is a far way from where I live*) It's one from America and I saw it mentioned in the fm_alchemist community. I didn't think I'd actually end up finding it as american anime magazines seem rather scarce over here, but I found it (*Although my version has Luffy from One Piece on the cover insated of Ed and Al*) but it still has an awesome article on FMA and other things ^^ YAY! I also now have a decently good refrence on hand for that serphant staff Ed transmutes sometimes, incase I ever want to draw it XD

But still, England needs a decent anime magazine of it's own :(

And yeah, shopping with my dad and brother was very annoying, I just kept walking off on my own cos they would just drop back and start mumbling to each other -_-;;;; Blah...
Ah well I'm off work next week so hopefully I can go somewhere with people...(*Er....Helen*) who I can actually talk to about things, which reminds me I need to e-mail her and ask her if she knows which days she has off next week.
I'm hoping to go somewhere with my mum too.
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