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Shopping to become an Umbreon!

Loud fireworks keep going off outside my house O___O;

Anyway in a little while I'm going to see if I can find a shop which has some black combat trousers that i want for my Umbreon outfit. I have found many at the charity shop I could have used but they were all too long for me (*I'm such a short ass*) problem is the shopping bit won't be fun....I'm going with my dad and brother ;_; They'll most likely get impatiant...
I need some long black material for the headband aswell but I'm unsure where I'd be able to find a material shop, I have some transfer paper for dark colours though so I should be able to transfer yellow rings onto the head/arm/leg bands for the rings on Umbreon, oh aswell as the yellow bands around the "ears"
I need to buy sweets for the trick or treaters aswell...I hope we get some this year...
...y'know I was thinking of getting some belts and wearing them like Yugi does around his waist for the outfit aswell XD I know a shop that should have some like his but I'm sure they'd be a lot of money just for me to wear them for one day (*I don't wear belts otherwise*)but I want more to go with the costume XD Ah well I'll see what I can find when I'm dragging my dad and brother all the way around the shops looking for things XD
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