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Alchemy rocks!

Lookie! Another new icon from the first FMA opening X3 (*Also my new default Icon, sure Kuriboh trying to eat Ed's hair is fun but Alchemy is damn cool XD*)

Also to Aris, do you want an animation like that one in this icon for the default icon of our Icon community? I'll have to post all my icons so far there XD
I also think I might turn my greatest Journal into a icon journal cos there I can display and use icons that are up to 60kb (*This one was over LJ's 40kb limit so I had to delete a number of frames from it, it's below the GJ limit though XD*)

*Runs off to make more cool FMA icons*

And more!

Yeah the Winry ones suck but I often have a problem with thinking up little sentences to go with the pictures XD
This concludes the icons made for the first opening theme "Melissa" next is the first ending theme "Kesenai Tsumi" which I'll attempt tomorrow, it's like almost 2am here O___O;;
Once I finish the ones for the first ending I'll post them on the fm_alchemist community XD
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