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Well it works again.... ^^;

Well the unimaginable has happened....
....my computer is working again with no problem O____O;
Thanks to my dad and the fact he cleaned my computer free of all dust, including the fan which apparently was blocked full of the stuff *giggles nervously* Safe to say I didn't even notice that.
Sooooo, it looks like my computer WAS over heating.... unless it's planning something *Looks at computer suspiciously* but I have been using Photoshop for a good couple of hours and it hasn't reset! I also watched a video and didn't reset XD I now also have this thing on my computer that my dad put on which allows me to watch the CPU temprature so I'll know if it's going to over heat again, currently the temprature is keeping at good levels, thank goodness!
And there's me who was gonna buy a new computer XD;; *Feels so very very stupid*

*sighs* Oh well the most important thing is not the fact that I'm stupid and know nothing about the technical side of computers it's that I can colour in Photoshop again X3

Oh and I want to get the Sims 2 for my computer...hummm, does anyone know if the Sims you can download off the net are compatible with the new Sims 2 game? I wanna know cos I prefer playing the game with a bunch of anime characters ^^;

Oh and I just got a pop up again despite getting rid of all the damn adware last night >_< DAMN YOU ADWARE, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!

Oh and here's an LJ icon I was gonna post last night:

I'm gonna make as many FMA icons as I can out of the textless opening and endings X3

And the moral of today is....
....take better care of your computer....

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