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First of all to terrierlee I managed to do that Junpei X Kouichi picture you asked me for some months back ^^ You can find it here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/junichi.jpg
Sorry I couldn't have done it better ^^;

Gah, been feeling pretty crappy all day with a headache and stuff....meh...

Good news is we started the new series Pokémon and Yugioh today X3 The Pokémon episode was extremly funny, it was about watermelons *lol* Okay well it was more about Ash trying to teach Treecko bullet Seed aswell but who cares when you gots a big electrode rolling around painted like a watermelon XD
Oh and one of the best lines came from Meowth:
"I've never been this happy to be around something so fruity" in fact, most of the "Fruit" lines you could easilly take the wrong way and direct them towards James XD
Anyway mroe new episodes all week! YAAAAY!
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