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Work was annoying today....

I had a kind of annoying day at work today, would you believe a man had to wait around 10 or so minutes just for a CD cos NOBODY was coming when I was calling for them (*I must have called 4 times*) THEN when I finally got their attention, she said she'd get it but didn't get it for another 5 minutes....GEEZ! I hate it when that happens as I hate not being to help people and waiting that long for a CD was rediculous.

Then my conveabelt on my checkout stopped working, at first I thought it was cos a label got stuck down it, but I found out later on I must have somehow pushed the button in to make it work....not sure how I did that.... O_o; But even though it ended up to be that back when I thought it was the label that as stuck I told one of the supervisors that it was there and she was like "I'm gonna find something to get it out" but she never came back. Part of me is glad since it would have been major embarassing since it was just the button needed to be released ^^;

Then I had to once again tell them when I was leaving work, turns out one of the supervisors was going to put me a sign up to say I was closing but went off to do something else and well....forgot....which I didn't mind but I was forgotten about a LOT today -_-;; Am I REALLY that easy to forget about...? *sighs*

Tis my mum's birthday tomorrow, I bought her flowers and some chocolate ^^ Gonna take them around to her house around the tomorrow afternoon I think ^^

Oh and today I managed to download the opening and ending videos to Fullmetal Alchemist without all the text on it, they are SUCH high quality and it's amazing what you miss with the writing being there *lol* Some of the scenery looks so awesome *____* I'm hoping to capture some screenshots from them but I was about to do it earlier before work and what does my computer do....


By the way....I'm definitly gonna get a new computer cos this one I hate and it's being thrown to my brother so he can disect it chip by chip! Bwhahahahaha!
Hopefully if I take gooooood care of the new one it might last me a bit longer O_O; So no storing huge files on it for a long time, and I have to make sure to do scan disk and defrag as much as I can and try and not clog it with so much junk XD

1. You're a handsome devil. What’s your name?

Jodie Bright

2. Ever write under any other name?

Togepi, Evil Togepi and PDU Togepi

3. Look around you. How the hell did you end up here?

Through the door...

4. Are you nice like me?

*blinks* I am nice but how do I know YOU are ;)

5. Have you ever had to explain fanfiction to someone in real life?

Probably not.

6. Have you ever co-written anything?

Yes "Tad fic: The first Movie! Professor Ivy Strikes back" was co written by myself and Nosira Tocs, it took about over a year to write cos we ended up losing contact that first year ^^; Darn Bulbagarden Forums went down.

7. How far have you gone to research a story, baby?

Recently one of my story ideas has a two year old child in it. Now I don't know any two year old children so I'm unsure on how they act but I do get to interact with young children at work when their parents take them shopping so I watch how they act and how much they can speak for refrence if I think they're about two years old *lol*
Most of them just try and grab the shopping once their parents have put it down on the converabelt of the checkout, others are just plain noisey XD

8. Which character that you write are you most like?

Even though I have never finished a story with him in, I'm most like Yugi in a few ways.

9. Which character that you write are you least like?

Erm... Brock?

10. Any original characters?

In parody fanfictions I often am in there myself under the name "Author" I torture the characters a lot XD I have many other made up characters I've used over the years but really they're not important.
Oh I almost forgot the lamppost that has slept with pretty much the entire cast of Pokémon XD
Yeah I'm insane....I know...
....yes I said Lamppost....

11. Did you ever name an original character after someone you know in real life, and then one day you mention it in passing because it's funny for some reason at that moment, and (s)he gets all freaked out about it, because, look at what you write


12. What’s your favourite line from the last story you wrote?

From "Tad little Chaos of Valentine's Day": -
"Ahem... I, Executive producer of the 4kids right to take away Japanese heritage, does hereby remind you that you are AMERICANS... can you repeat that to me... you are AME...RI...CANS!"

13. Favourite line from the last story you read that was not your own?

From "Gigantic Fight! Chikorita vs Torchic and May!" by Metal Rhynomon -
James put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some Yu-Gi-Oh duelling cards. “Want to have a duel anyone?” he asked

14. Favourite line from the song you're listening to right now, or last listened to?

"Never going forward so there can never be a past" - Easier to run, Linkin Park (*I guess on the lyrics not sure if they're exactly right*)

15. What's the last movie you saw that inspired something ficcish in you?

My dad was watching one a few days ago about some children and some base or whatever and one of the kids goes to the top of this water tower to get a key but ends up falling in so some other kids, despite being enemies, worked together to pull him out, then they had to try and revive him and such cos he wasn't breathing, gave me the idea to have someone almost drown in the Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic I want to write but probably never will...
...that person will be Juudai by the way XD Yugi saves him though, well Yugi AND Kaiba.

16. Is there a character you'd like to write, but can't-- and why the hell can't you?

Edward Elric....and anyone from Fullmetal Alchemist....the alchemy stuff confuses me QUITE a bit.

17. We all hate favourite questions, I know, but-- who's your favourite character (a) to read? (b) to write?

Probably Little Yugi for both questions.

18. Who's your least favourite character (a) to read? (b) to write?

Any character I'm not particularly bothered about...like Izumi fron Digimon Frontier

19. Is there a story you'd like to write, but can't-- and why the hell can't you?

My Yu-Gi-Oh story to start off with and I wnat to do an anime crossover one too, I can't write them due to lack of good ideas and lack of motivation to write them.

20. What's a title you've always wanted to use, but haven't had the opportunity yet?

"A Tad Harry Potty" I've been wanting to do a tad fic Pokémon/Harry potter fic for a while called that XD

21. What was the first story you ever completed, and what do you think of it now?

"Merry Christmas Team Rocket" I haven't read it for a long time though, but I think it was just a cute little story.

22. What was the last story you completed, and what do you think of it now?

"Tad little Chaos on Valentine's Day" I still think it's as crazy as the day I wrote it XD

23. Where do you do most of your writing?

At home, on the computer.

24. Do you have any fic taboos?

Not sure O_o;

25. What made you start writing fic? Were you filled with creative juices, or was it a random act of plot correction?

Mostly it's just cos I wanted to write one, with the "Tad" fic series I have that was started by one random story completly written off the top of my head and after that I just wrote more and more.

26. Who has influenced your style the most?

Haven't a clue

27. What is the sexiest word?


28. What is the least sexy word?

*shrugs again*

29. What's the word you use too much/often?

Haven't a clue, I know I re use a lot of words though.

30. You're a writer. By definition you are plagued and pursued by images. So what image is burned into your brain right now?

Since I want to write a fic where I destory all Yugi's innocence by having Joey killed in front of him....yeah....that is something I keep playing over in my head, kinda makes me feel morbid though XD But I like to make characters angst and making Yugi go through that would be intresting, it's like I have to think how he would react there and then, how he'd react later on, would he get so screwed up enough that he'd want revenge even if he doesn't KNOW he wants revenge, I can see him getting way over protective of his other friends afterwards, would he get strange mood swings cos he blames himself. Ya see told you it's intresting.
Blame Fullmetal Alchemist, that makes me want to write violent/angst stuff XD

31. If you were going to write professionally under an assumed name, what would that name be?

I.P Freely XD No it would probably just be my real name I write under.

32. If you'd made out this survey, what question would you have asked thatI didn't?

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