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YAY! UNCUT! Wheeeee!

Yeah another entry, just to say that amazon.co.uk put the uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs up for import from the US so I ordered them X3 Eeee! The seller seems to have gotten a lot of good comments so hopefully I won't have any problems with them, I'm used to ordering Region 1 DVDs off another seller, but they only had a few low marks here and there and I think most of them were impatiant people (*There was one who was like "I ordered my stuff on the 22nd and it hasn't come yet" But their comment was put on there on the 27th...geez, give it some time O_o;*)

Anyway it says it should dispatch around the 25th of October so hopefully if everything goes well I'll recieve them on my week off from work X3
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