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Should I, shouldn't I...?

Just now my dad was looking through a christmas magazine for the "Comet" store and he showed me a computer which is MADE for media, it has like a CD and DVD player built into it and you can control it with a remote control and it has like TWO harddrives both about 160GB I think and it COMES with a TV card aswell (*My TV card that I currently have is useless*) X3 Duuuuuude, that computer looked so SWEET and I've about had it with this computer *Kicks it* it's not like it will go to waste if I get a new computer as the flat screen monitor will go to my dad and the rest of the computer my brother can have (*He's wanted my graphics card for a long time anyway*)

Problem is this new computer is pricey, I can easilly afford it but still.... not sure if I should get it, I first need to make sure it comes with enough slots inside it do I can put what harddware I need to into it (*I think only my firewire card for my ipod needs to go in*) I also need to make sure that it comes with enough USB ports too, I have a lot of things that run on USB. It should have enough though...
But still, very very pricey...
Way I look at it is that I should get something like this while I can afford it as who knows what may happen in the future, maybe something will happen and I can't afford soemthing like that next year, plus it is MADE for all the things I do on the computer. Hummmmm....
What do ya think?
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