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Yugioh GX episode 3 - Chronos = PERVERT!

The first half of this episode I couldn't help but just be in stitches
laughing, even though I couldn't understand anything of what they were saying I
still just found the scenes so hilarious XD And a lot of it I could easily take
the wrong way which made it even more fun, so now I'm convinced Chronos is not
only some ugly mutation, he's also some strange scary pedophile (*Seriously you
can take it that way, he was hiding in bushes with a camera wanting to take
Juudai's picture....that is SO not right... O_o;;;; *)

Anyway I'll do my usual full review ^^

We start off with Asuka reeling off some cards or whatever. Appears they're
in a class (*Which all three dorms take together it seems*) and Chornos is the
teacher in charge at this time. Their seats are set out much like college
lecture classes. Oh and I must note again that for Ra yellow and Osiris Red it
seems NO girls in those dorms are attending this class, yet there is Asuka and a
few other girls attending it from Obelisk Blue. Do Osiris and Ra even HAVE
female members? 

First one to EVER spot a female member in either of these dorms in this series
gets an imaginary internet cookie from me!

Anyway Chornos then decides to pick on poor little Shou and asks him some
question which he seems to be finding difficult to answer. One of the Obelisk
Blue lads makes a remark about it and the class laugh....

....reminds me of Slytherins :p They always mock people.

Daichi, though, doesn't look the least bit pleased, he's one of the few from the
other houses who is not amused.

Afterwards Chronos makes some smart-assed remark once again making Oberlisk Blue
laugh, but now it's Juudai's time to have some fun as he seems to remind Chronos
about their duel, or at least I would think that's what it did since Chronos
seems to squirm quite a bit and Juudai is giving the "V" sign to the
rest of the class with a wide cheeky grin XD You just HAVE to love Juudai, he's
the best!

Mama mia~!"

"D00d! I rock!"

Well next they have a class with Osiris Red's sensei (*The cat guy*) he's
giving some lecture as Juudai looks on bored (*I swear the cat dude said the
word for "Alchemy" again....I just think I must have FMA on the
brain....*) Anyway Show talks to Juudai before the cat sensei calls for him and
says something about "Pharaoh" and Shou is all like
"Pha-raoh?" and the cat dude seems to reply with something like
"My cat, nya!" (*He says "Watashi no neko desu, nya~!" I
think I typed that right*) anyway then we see his cat by Shou's feet.

So am I getting it right thinking the cat dude's erm....cat...is called

Anyway lets get onto Chronos, cos he's pure comedy GOLD! Seriously, he is!

So he's writing the fake love letter from Asuka while talking to himself (*Isn't
that the first sign of madness?*) then he picks some lipstick up and touches up
his lips while looking in a mirror (*Seriously this is way weird*) and he
chooses a red colour aswell, guess he ran out of his "Pretty Purple"
and had to settle from "Ravenous Red" XD 

Then he plants a big ol' smooch on his love letter to Juudai.

That sounded SO wrong just now O_o;

....who's the ugliest one of all?"

Anyway Chronos THEN goes through some lockers and finds one with Juudai's
boots in it so he puts the letter on top of them with a rather....scary grin on
his face.... O_o;

Yes....he's scaring me too....

But who should find it but poor little Shou who seems to think it's for him.
He freaks out then has a cute little fantasy.

Shou is adorable isn't he? ^^

So later on that night Juudai walks into his room while drying his hair,
talking to Shou who actually isn't there, but the clown Koala guy is.

Does he EVER get out of bed!? Seriously....

Anyway Show is in a rowing boat heading for the Obelisk blue mansion.

Speaking of the Obelisk blue mansion, we see Chronos, dressed all out in some
kind of weird skin tight black outfit (*Shudders* Not the fanservice we want*)
break through some gate by clipping the chains, then moves "Ninja"
style bush to bush....

...so he can move extremely fast like they do Ninja style in Naruto AND he seems
to be a pervert if you take his actions the wrong way...

OMG! Chronos isn't from Italy! Ooooh nonono, he's from KONOHA! Konoha is
infamous for having perverted Ninjas (*Cough* Kakashi, Jiraiya, 3rd Hokage, the
4th was probably a pervert too, he fits in there, as does Naruto, he's a pervert
in the making XD*)

Anyway Chronos goes through his somewhat weird plan that involves Juudai coming
up to the girls dormitory while Chronos leers out of the bushes with a weird
happy grin on his face and takes a photo, shocking Juudai.


X__________X;;; You can't look at this guy without thinking he's up to something perverted

Told you he had a camera while hiding in the bush to take a photo of a 15-year old boy (*AKA. Juudai*)

Eeek! No! Pervert! Get away!"

But imagine the ugly perverted professors surprise when SHOU turns up XD Then
the girls come out of their indoor swimming pool they were in (*Which SERIOUSLY
had NOTHING covering the windows*) and they start screaming like hell as Chronos
starts freaking out since he's now stood up in the bush. Anyway he runs away
like a girl then slips up and lands in some water XD

Told you Chronos is comedy gold!

Though I'm not sure the girls were focusing their screams on him as they
confront Shou.

Eventually they have him tied up by his hands as he tells them about the love
letter, then they have to hide Shou from the head of the female dorm XD I think
then Asuka gets some idea as her sly smile is just PERFECT!

We then cut to Juudai who's playing a handheld video game before getting a
message on his academy....message....thing... the message is all distorted and
sounds like the person talking is on helium XD Anyway Juudai rows over the
Obelisk blue mansion to meet Shou and the girls then Asuka challenges him to a

Blah duel is kinda boring, Asuka was kicking Juudai's ass until he once again
pulls something amazing to win... he manages to fuse together Clayman and
Sparkman to form a monster named Thunder Giant that ends up wiping Asuka's life

So now Juudai has won again the head of the Obelisk blue boys dorm, one of the
girls from Oberlisk blue and it was shown he was going to win against Jun in
last weeks episode.

So this guy is in Osiris red because......?

Meh, I think Juudai might get one of those typical "He wins loads of
matches, gets too over-confident then has a loss to bring him back down to
earth" storylines, like Ash from Pokemon and his over confidence that cost
him a win at the Dewford Gym the first time around.

But yeah he wins, Shou hugs him a little and he's all like

By the way, I think this is about as close to "cute" as Chronos can get I think....which isn't very close...

...his expression is funny XD

Next Episode!

Juudai sleeps...

...Juudai gets disturbed by Shou....

....many unmarked black helicopters fly in... (*OMG! Conspiracy!*)

...and Chronos....just gets MORE and MORE disturbing....seriously WTF is he doing here? O_o;

It also has something to do with some kind of Monster/s named after the last 5 or so letters of the alphabet *shrugs*

Okay I need to go to bed now. My stomach hurts and for some odd reason under my left arm feels all achey and uncomfertable, it's been feeling like that for a little while now, under my right tends to feel like it too sometimes but not as often as the left....blah...
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