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Little anime ramblings...

Do things in Gundam Seed ever....y'know....stop blowing up? XD
Yeah I downloaded the second episode of Gundam Seed Destiny, it was a Tuesday and I was bored *lol* I think I actually might have paid more attention to this episode even though I still haven't a clue what's going on (*It'll have to be that way until I can see the last series*) lotsa of lasers and things blowing up, wheeee!
And in the next episode....more things blow up at a guess XD
'splody fun! XD
Oh and that blonde girl they call "Stellar", or however it's spelled, seems to be a total headcase.
So in conclusion. Things blow up. The end.
Ah there's nothing like seeing through the eyes of a complete novice of the series, ey? XD

Okay well onto Bleach episode 3, can't do any major overlook of the episode as I don't know the series well enough, but at least I know what's going on. Hummm, in the last episode this friend of Ichigo's brother's spirit (*Yeah that was long*) got his soul all devouerd by those hollow spirit things and turned into one himself then attacked Ichigo, in this episode he attacks his sister O_o; But eventually he gets flashback things, manages to clear his head and kill himself for the better of everyone :p

Ah well Yu-Gi-Oh GX will probably be up by tomorrow ^^ Chronos sends a fake love letter to Shou from Asuka, but even though it's fake, the idea of Shou recieving a love letter from 30-odd year old Professor who looked like he crawled out of something very unpleasent just....seems so....wrong... O_o; *shudders*

Hummm I need to work on some pictures I drew last night.... *Wanders off*
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