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I want the Yu-Gi-Oh Uncut DVDs.... ;_;

Wha! Amazon.co.uk BETTER list the Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs soon or I might have to try my utter darn best to convince my dad to let me order them on his card off amazon.com instead -_-;; I just asked him and he was all like "Wha but I don't like ordering stuff with it...."
Yeah i know I know I should get a credit card myself, I do kinda have one, but I need to activate it and I wasn't keen on having a credit card at all...
Ah well amazon.co.uk are sometimes late in updating pages, after all when the 6th Pokémon movie came out I don't think it showed up on amazon.co.uk for 1-2 weeks O_O

In other news I managed to get Digimon Rumble Arena 2 today and it's pretty awesome. My battle with Neemon was....erm....intresting to say the least O_o; Now I'm a bit stuck cos I currnetly need to fight three digimon at once, good thing is they fight each other too XD But against Agumon, Gomamon and Patamon it's hard, they bounce all over the damn place so I just lay into them best I can XD I keep losing though XD;;
I also FINALLY found the offical UK magazine in the same store I got the Digimon game from, it had some cool magnets with it XD Tis an intresting magazine too, has lots of diffeent sections and since I can't find any age limit on the compertitions I think I might enter one for the Pokémon Toys XD I think there is one wher eyou can win a gameboy advanced too, not sure, might just be the Fire Red and Leaf Green games.

Oh and also work today decided to ring up (*Waking me up AGAIN*) there's me expecting them to ask me to work today or tomorrow or soemthing, but no, instead I am asked:
"Why weren't you at work yesterday?"
*Falls over* I KNEW that would happen! Ya see some IDIOT changed a time on Tuesday for the person who's listed BELOW me on the schedule but had written their NEW time in MY schedule space, so of course the checkout people automaticlly think it's MY time....
...blah....honestly -_-;;
So I ended up having to explain that to the person who phoned me up. Honestly i looked at it Monday and thought to myself (*Bet they mistake it for my time*) But there is no way it could have been mine as I wasn't ASKED to work that day and I'm always asked if they want to schedule me in for any extra hours and if it DID turn out to be mine I won't be happy since I wasn't asked, but as far as I'm concerned that time was for the person below me as their time was crossed out and the new time was close to their old one (*Just about an hour earlier*)
Curse the person who decided it would be a good idea to put that stupid time in MY space....

Helen came over to see me for an hour or so today aswell, she even borrowed one of my Evangelion DVDs, it's a shame I don't have the first episodes, but I only have DVDs number 3 and 4. It'll be intresting to see what she thinks of the show XD
She also brought sweets, I feel sick now ^^;

That's about my ranting for now XD Still got over an hour to go on my Bleach episode 3 download XP Can't wait for episode 3 of Yugioh GX aswell X3
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