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I think my computer has a virus or spyware....again, I'm getting strange pop ups I shouldn't be getting and when I open links in new windows it kinda pauses for a while (*Sighs*)

My dad is suffering from a trapped nerve in his neck and is in constant pain, he barely got any sleep last night apparently and really I could tell -_-;;

Also my message board is annoying me with this stupid karma rating thing I was asked to activate a few months ago, it's nothing but a freakin' fiasco, members keep complaining on why they've been given bad karma or whatever. That feature is supposed to be fun? Could of fooled me, I don't know why I don't just de-activate it (*Besides the fact that a few people like the feature*) cos I knew it would be a damn problem from the minute I activated it >_<

Also it's very very cold, my room never gets any heat -_-;;

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