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Just cos I'm bored...

Your LJ Yugioh! Cast
LJ Username
Your Yuugi jbramx2
Your Jounouchi spappie
Your Anzu mebird
Your Kaiba (also Rival) thiro
Your Sennen Item Sennen Rod
Your Chances to becoming the #1 ranked duelist - 75%
This QuickKwiz by Dm-san - Taken 7 Times.
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YAY! I have the Sennen Rod! Muwhahahaha! You are all going to be my mind slaves! Muwhahahahahaha!
Thiro is my rival and Si is my bestest best friend! YAY! *lol*
I have a really high chance of becoming the number one ranked duelist and I barely know a thing about the card game, I must have really good luck....or I somehow cheat XD

Yeah if you can't tell I'm bored....I think I'm gonna go draw now or something.
Oh and I went out to the shop with my dad earlier and it looks like most of the roof of the school I mentioned earlier is gone O_o; It was dark though so it was hard to see, they still had the road closed off and everything.
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