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Not a plesant scene....

Today I saw a school up in flames...not a very plesant thing to see, epsecially during the school year ;_; I didn't see any ambulances though so hopefully no kiddies were hurt. There were 5 fire engines though and the flames were going through the roof. The school itself is only a Primary school and it's just down the road from the school I used to attend (*Which was a comprehensive (*High*) school*)
A very scary thing indeed.

My dad and I had been out in town and we came back a long way round as I wanted to get a hot dog from the burger stand that's always outside B&Q (*One of those Hardware stores which sells house stuff and tools and paint*) but as we came down the road there was smoke in the air but it was on the other side of the railway bridge so we couldn't see what had gone up.
I got the hot dog and we drove down that way, we were trying to think what could have gone up, after all there are houses and some garages (*Which are next to the school*) and then we were like "Then there's the school" and it turned out to be just that as we drove around the corner. The smoke was so thick and to see the flames going through the roof was awful. I mean this is the school I'm used to seeing quite often, I see it everyday I go to work as I go down that way to get to work.

Probably won't know the cause and other details until it's reported in the local newspaper.

In other news it's damn cold in this house >_<
I also managed to get some gloves for my halloween costume, I just need black trousers now but I can't seem to find the type I'm looking for and when I do they're always too long on the leg...
...I'm such a chibi ;_;

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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pdutogepi ends up with 61 pieces of candy, a block of wood, and a toothbrush.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

YAY! A good haul! XD Aswell as a block of wood and a toothbrush *LOL* I like it XD
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