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SO we're onto the 2nd episode of Yugioh GX and I must say I'm loving this series more and more, it's just too funny, plus Juudai rocks!

So we join them heading to the island the acadamy is on and we learn that Obelisk blue get to live in a huge mansion, Ra Yellow in a nice house and Osiris Red in...shabby little apartments. Once they get into their dorm Shou starts yapping on about the Pharaoh and Priest Seto which makes me wonder how he knew about it, although him picturing himself as Preist Seto and Juudai as Pharaoh Atemu is the most adorable and hillarious thing ever! Then we meet the clown dude who looks like a koala according to Shou and Juudai XD
Then the clown koala guy yaps on about the houses I think and this uses extremly adorable chibis XD Chibi Juudai's head wobbles about like those bobble head dogs you see in cars XD

Osiris Red Dorms - At least they get a nice view of the sea

OMG! It's Pharaoh Juudai and Priest Shou!

Chibi Jun~!

Chibi Ra Yellow Guy (*I forget his name XD

Chibi bobble head Juudai!


Anyway they eventually find themselves wandering into some duel arena which I think belongs to Obelisk blue, here we meet Jun and Asuka proparly.
Afterwards we get to see the different houses having meals, looks like Osiris Red doesn't seem to get anything fancy like the other two. Everyone looks at it and the only one not seeminly put off the food is Juudai XD Everyone looks at him as if to say "How can he eat it?"
Also we get to meet the the dude with the cat in the opening, he seems to end every sentence with "Nya" and I swear he said the word for "Alchemy" O_o; If he means he created the food I think his l33t Alchemy skillz need improving...

The Cat Guy

Anyway Juudai gets some message from Jun and they end up dueling back at the duel arena and YAY! we get Juudai VS Jun. Jun seems to have a lot of dark looking monsters, his deck reminds me of the one Yami Bakura uses O_o; Anyway Juudai managed to send out his Flame Wingman first only for Jun to take it off him. He lays quite a smackdown on poor Juudai even when he manages to get his Flame Wingman back only for Jun to activate another trap or something destorying the monster, ah but Juudai comes up with an idea that would have pwned Jun completly if it wasn't for the fact that some guards were coming and they had to run. Actually juudai seems to refuse to move at first but Asuka and Shou get him out of there XD
Outside he shows Asuka how he would have won, he would have been able to revive the Flame Wingman.

Anyway in the next episode we get Juudai VS Asuka. Poor little Shou thinks Asuka loves him XD;; Poor Guy...

This episode makes me want to do GX/HP crossover art....infact I think I'll go do that XD
The cat guy would make an intresting Hagrid, don't you agree? Nya~!
Though a question....how come there doesn't seem to be any girls in Osiris Red/Ra Yellow. I guess for their meal clips we were only looking at the boys dorms I guess but still, all the girls seem to be in Obelisk Blue O_o;;;;
Ah well if anything I'm starting to like the opening song a lot more now GET ON THE DECK! GET ON THE DECK!

Humm the two mangas I ordered are here today even though the dispatch date was for the end of this month. Maybe this is to make up for the fact that they sent my Fruits Basket DVD off later than they said XD
But YAY! Now I get to read some Fruits Basket and Yu-Gi-Oh. Bakura is in this one YAY!
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