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Naruto goes....60s?

Well I downloaded episode 104 of Naruto raw today cos I wanted to see the new Opening and Ending videos. The new opening is full of Naruto and his little Sasuke rescue team aswell as Sasuke himself since that's the next manga arc to be covered ;) Lotsa action where the Sasuke rescue team are concerned, me likes a lot X3

The ending video is... very psychodelic and along with the song it's sounds very 60s to me XD
So I made two icons out of it (*Well so far, I plan more quite possibly*)

As for the episode itself I liked the Idate flashback cos Little Idate looks cute with a Forehead Protector on for some odd reason. Oh and that Aoi guy rocks (*I think his name is Aoi*) he maybe the bad guy of the filler episodes but DAMN he has the best eyes EVER!
He also looks cute with a forehead protector, or it's more of a forehead bandana X3

Yeah I'm rambling, it's late XD
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