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I think my dreams show I'm insane....

Man weird dreams rule me XD I can't even remember much about the one I had except it started off with Yugi and his friends (*Including KAIBA*) walking to school all happy on a beautiful summer day, can't remember what they were talking about. Then I dreamed I was someone leaving school and some guy joins me and as I'm walking down the road (*It's like dusk at this time so must be late*) I see the ocean in the distance in front of me I comment that it's pretty and the guy is like "That's why I moved here" so we go onto the beach and the tide is kinda out now and it's daytime. There are these kids in like a round silver coloured blow up thing that spins and skids along the water. Me and this guy get our own ring but I end up joining these girls who are messing about in mud trying to get some water to start off their blow up thing. Eventually we all sit in it and kinda rock in it to get it started then it shoots off and suddenly there is water in front of us and we skid along that and apparently there is some kind of game where you have to grab a star or something. We crash into some weird looking seaweed tree or something that propells me to a cliff so I grab hold of the cliff edge (*I'm not all that far up actually*) and grab the star but now I'm stuck so that guy I was with earlier tries to save me but when we try to climb up the cliff it ends up we can't so we slide back onto the beach which again has no water on it.

Then there were some Eastenders characters of all things (*It's a soap in England for people who don't know which I haven't watched for ages*) and Ian Beale was there (*He's a really pathetic character who has no luck*) and he's playing some Vicar with some fake Irish accent. So he's chatting to this guy I was with and then he's all like "Dude! Why are you talking in that fake Irish accent?" and Ian is all like "Just play along with it" but the man doesn't want to XD so he tosses Ian over this fence onto the beach and kills him....he'll be back later though. Then the man makes a comment about how the accent sounded like a mix of cockney and Irish XD Fair enough.
Then Mark Fowler (*He hasn't been in Eastenders a while O_o;*) is all obsessed over some movie (*They called it the "Man in the moon"*) and there was some other family all obsessed over it and they go into some simulator thing to watch this movie (*The kids have seen it so many times they look a bit zombiefiyed XD*) then Mark Fowler grows really big and goes on a godzilla like rampage.

Then Ian Beale returns with some kind of evidance that someone ran over Naruto several times with an ambulance on purpose...

Questioning my sainty?
So am I....

I need to get ready for work O_o;
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