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That's just....too sad... ;_;

For some odd reason I decided to watch Gundam Seed Destiny just now *shrugs* I've never been a real fan of the Gundam series and I find it quite boring but I guess I was after something to watch XD
So yeah to me most of it was kinda boring but the first bit before the opening theme was so freakin' saaaaaad ;_; I was just sat there repeating how sad it was to myself for some bizarre reason, one of the characters gets his family blown up he just managed to escape it as he ran after his sister's mobile phone which she dropped. Gaaaaah, so so sad. Poor guy...
And that alone at least made it worth downloading the first episode, doubt I'll watch through the series though for most of the rest of the episode my mind kinda switched off and instead of concentrating on the subtitles fully I was like "Hey that cute guy with light blue hair has some kind of nifty Matrix thing going on with those guns" and "Hey since when did everything start blowing up?"
Yes I was paying that much attention to it XD

I think for mecha anime I'll just stick to Soukyuu no Fafner, that has nifty shining alien things! XD Wheeee!

Oh and a question to people who collect the Yu-Gi-Oh manga. Do you know what Volume six is called? Cos I really am having trouble finding it on amazon.co.uk. I have found one but it doesn't have a picture with it so I can't tell if it's volume 6 at all. Plus it listed that it came out in August when in the back of Volume 5 it said it came out September, dunno if that's a mistake on amazon's behalf. But anyway if you could give me the title of Volume 6 then I'll know if this one I found on Amazon is volume 6 or not ^^;
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