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"Wha! Why did MY Life Points go to 0!?"

Well today was productive....not XD I slept in until about midday when the phone rang and it was for me (*Work again, they're the only people who actually call me*) then I found out NickToons had back to back episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh so I was like "YAY! Lets watch!" I watched from the end of the Noah saga until the end of the 4 way duel to determine who faces who in the battle city finals, Ah Yami Marik, how I miss thee and your scary yet strangely amusing stretchy faces X3
Had another bad nose bleed during watching those episodes too...so much fun (*/sarcasm*)which has made me feel like crap for the rest of the day, made my left ear feel funny too as strange as that sounds, maybe that's because I had to resort to using the old method of pinching my nose and holding my head back to stop the bleeding >_< I really hope these nosebleeds are to do with the fact my cold made the vessels in it a tad sensetive, it's not often I get such bad nosebleeds for no reason, guess I'll see how that goes (*I swear my body hates me*)

Hummm, on a less disgusting note I've been having real bizarre dreams recently (*Okay so ALL my dreams are bizarre*) last night, despite waking up several times, I had a dream where I was at an apartment and I was stood outside it in a shabby looking hallway. There was a table on it with about 3 bottles of beer on it (*Looked like Budwiser to me XD*) I picked one up but I have no idea why as I had no intention to drink it, guess I was just looking at it. Then suddenly I see Roy Mustang and the rest of the Military from Fullmetal Alchemist coming up the stairs next to me shouting about a Drug Raid O_o; I'm like "WTF is going on?" Then I kind of stumble and sit down on the steps leading upwards behind me as Riza Hawkeye points a gun at me (*Nice huh?*) Afterwards I remember them searching everyone inside, I was just sat there not caring cos I didn't have any drugs on me XD Then they searched Marylin Manson of all people and he got busted *lol* GO ROY! I wonder why the military from FMA were doing drug busts though....weird...

A dream I had before that was about work (*I always dream about work*) and I remember there was some danger of a really dangerous woman who could hit the store so we closed the store down yet we still had to stay and work there O_O;;;; Somehow the woman got in thought she was in disguise but I was really suspicious of her, then she wouldn't let anyone leave but me. She wanted me back at certian times so I ended up running to my dad XD Which I don't think I was supposed to do. While I'm gone the woman decides she wants to kill everyone she has captive...she indicated this by handing out pillows and sheets which everyone had to stand by, but then my dad and I appeared at this huge window, the woman isn't happy but then more people appeared and the window explodes and everyone runs in all angry.
Anyway the woman is defeated and crying on the floor, next thing I know I'm Ed Elric and I go and hug some guy who's supposed to be my big brother (*WTF? Ed IS the Big Brother*) oh and for some reason Isis from Yu-Gi-Oh was his older sister. Then the older guy picks me (*Or Ed*) up and we walk through the store and then I see Tai from Digimon for some reason then the dream ends.
Yes that one was very weird. Gotta love my dreams.

I think after I've had something to eat I might try some traditional method art XD I suck at art done in Traditional mediums though *lol*
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