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Just some art stuffs X3

Just posting some art I did recently (*Or in the case of the Ninja Envy, I found it XD*) Oh and ignore the word "Smexy" that is my new word for "Sexy" XD I dunno, I'm crazy...

Smexy Older Yugi

- He needs new outfits so I drew him in 3 in which I labeled in my mind as 1. Typical Bondage Yugi, 2. Formal Yugi and 3. Ska8er Yugi. People who follow my art closely will reconize two of the outfits namely number 1 and 3 XD

Smexy Ninja Envy

-I drew this a few weeks ago and I found it in a draw today. I need to finish this off X3

OMG! ATEMU.... or is it?

- This was a sketched idea for that yu-Gi-Oh fic I wanted to write. Yes my idea was to have Atemu be reborn and show up as a 3 year old XD YAY! for the idea of past lives. Hey if it happened to Priest Seto/Kaiba it could happen to Atemu XD
Still pondering about the actual storyline idea though :/ I need to figure out a smart way to somehow ressurect Zork XD YAY!

And there you have it XP

Oh and I got a new harddrive for the computer in which we are putting in tomorrow. Yeah if the harddrive isn't the problem I just wasted a lot of money but I'm desprate and don't trust computer people to try and fix it without either giving me a LOT of bother or trying to fob off some other stuff onto me just so they can make me spend more money. After all as the saying goes "If you want a job done right, do it yourself!"
But look on the bright side, even if it doesn't work I have two harddrives which equals up to 200GB X3 Duuuuuuuuuude!

Oh well I best get to bed XD
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