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Shopping Fun at Nottingham

Well I had a fun time at Nottingham, bought more than I thought too. I first ended up buying the newest Lion King movie which just rocked! Seeing that new spin on the original movie was just hillarious!

I also managed to get the first Volume of the Fruits Basket manga, it was there on the shelf in Forbidden Planet so decided to get it while it was there... I would of gotten some pokmeon cards in there too but the guy who served me seemed to be one of those types that pick on people like me O_o;; He seemed a little like that when I gave him the manga to buy...I dunno, I just pick up when people are gonna act like that towards me or not... usually they do cos I'm easy to pick on...
...so anyway I left the Pokemon cards but managed to get a pack from another sci-fi store...

Oh and by the door at Forbbiden Planet were these Pokémon Advanced figurines in one of those pound machines...a isn't really worth the money but what can I say besides the obvious of me being a total pokémon maniac XD I wanted Mudkip but alas I got Treecko and didn't have any more pounds, so my lovely treecko is now stood in front of my computer in his little cool cross-armed pose hehehehe! You could also get Torchic, Pikachu, Wynaut and Skitty but Mudkip has a special place in my heart cos it's so freaky looking yet so cute :D I hope I'll be able to find another place with those figurines... I know they have some of those machines in Wilkinsons in town I'll have to keep and eye out and see if they get the Advanced Pokémon ones...they had the other Pokémon ones some time ago so we'll see...
If not it's a trip to Meadowhall they have loads there!
And yes I am THIS crazy to go to ALL that trouble for a few Pokemon figurines that aren't worth the money....not like they're sold in the shops anymore...

Gosh there's a song that played in Robyn's car that I want but I don't know the artist or song title XD I'll have to watch Kerrang to see if I can catch the video so I can get the info to actually download it O_o;;; Should of asked them what CD it was LOL

You are... The eldest Pichuu brother!

Which of the Pichuu brother characters are you?
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PICHU! Hummm which reminds me, gotta carry on getting the Pichu Brothers special...
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