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Yugioh GX - Episode One!

So after my computer seemed to be refusing to let me watch the episode all
the way through and finally resorting to watch it on my more trustworthy DVD
player I finally got to see the very first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX
and I must say I really enjoyed this first episode.

The opening theme is pretty funky, probably takes a few times for the song to
grow on you but I think I'll like this song a lot eventually. Ending theme
didn't stick out do much but again might be a song that'll grow on me.
Background music....reminds me more of the music used in Japanese Digimon
episodes XD But still okay.

Well we start off the episode with Yuuki Juudai rushing through the park or
something, since he's late for his duel at what I believe is his entrance exam
into the academy. In this time he manages to bump into Yugi and I really do mean
bump into him, like bump into him so hard Juudai's Duel Disk goes flying and his
cards go all over the floor. He apologizes to Yugi, not really looking at him as
he picks his cards up off the floor, dusting them off. At this point we only see
Yuugi from the waist down. I think he asks Juudai if he's going to a duel or
something then Yugi picks a card out of his own deck calling it a "Lucky
Card" and give it to Juudai. It's a little winged Kuriboh, "Hane

Juudai thanks Yugi for the card as he's walking away and Yugi gives him a thumbs

After this Juudai looks at the card and he hears a little voice.


Yeah Hane Kuriboh doesn't actually speak words to him like I'd hoped but hell
it just going "Kurii-Kurii" is cute enough for me! X3 Juudai looks
around as if to say "WTF was that!?" then just carries on to his

By the way I must note some things about Yugi, his voice is deeper, he sounds a
LOT more like Atemu now but you can still just about tell it's Yugi talking,
plus in these scenes he seems either the same height as Juudai or maybe a tad
taller than him, either way he looks taller. So this alone I think indicates
this takes place maybe a couple of years (*DUDE Yugi would be like 18 or
something *Giggles fangirl-ishly*) but even in a few years the boy does NOT get
a new wardrobe, he dresses in the EXACT same clothes, just without the blue

Unfortunately they only show us the bottom half of his face -_-;; That sucks,
usually eyes are a key factor in telling if someone is older, they're usually

So I was thinking to myself, either Yugi will show up later, maybe in a bigger
storyline, maybe for a few episodes or the handing over of Hane Kuriboh is
symbolic as if Yugi is saying "This is your show now"

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. I'd really like it if some of the older
characters did show up from time to time, just an odd episode now and then would
be good enough.

Hell this is Kaiba's damn school this show is about he HAS to show up at some

Anyway they seem to let Juudai in and must alert Chronos about him.


Chronos is the BEST CHARACTER EVER! Or at least the best character where you can
point and laugh at him through the whole freakin' show. His voice is very very
weird, I believe he sounds something like... Italian? (*He does say "Mama
Mia" once*) and his evil laugh consists of him going "Blah blah blah

Anyway Chronos and Juudai duel, Juudai stays pretty much
confident through the whole thing despite it looking bad for him, he plays Hane
Kuriboh (*Who's picture on the card winks at him! Eeeee! So cute!*) and that
alone seem to turn the duel around. Afterwards he manages to summon two of his
monsters "Elemental Hero" and "Burst Lady" and fuse them to
become "Flame Wingman" THEN plays a magic card called
"Skyscraper" I think which turns the field into a city. Then Juudai's
monster attacks Chronos' monster, there's an explosion and a huge lump of concrete
falls on Chronos' HEAD! XD

Then the whole monster falls onto him!


Oh and at the end Juudai calls Hane Kuriboh "Aibou"
X3 Eeeeeeee!

In the next episode you see all the three different houses
eating lunch.

Can anybody say....Harry Potter?

Oh and I saw the ending of Fruits Basket too since my DVD came this morning. All I can say is WOW, the ending is damn powerful with emotion. The whole thing with Kyo's "True form" was a pretty big shock too. Dunno why so many people think this ending sucked, I liked it ^_^
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