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Bleach ^____^

So I watched the raw of it yesterday and watched the sub of it today and I think I can safely say that "Bleach" is the anime I'm choosing as the one to watch now FMA has ended X3 Now I've seen the sub I better understand what's going on and what it's about and an anime about spirits always intrests me X3

Tis about some guy named Ichigo who can see Ghosts (*YAY!*) He seems to be the typical hot headed character with orange hair XD There is another character who calls herself a "Death God" who's job it is to send good spirits to Heaven or "Soul Society" as she calls it and destory bad spirits and purify them apparently, though at the end of the episode Ichigo himself becomes one of these "Death Gods". I'm taking this info directly from the sub so *shrugs* but either way it sounds intresting X3
Plus the opening theme song is way cool! (*Done by "Orange Range" who did one of the edning songs for Naruto "Viva Rock" that one and the Bleach Opening are the only two songs I've heard by the group ^^;*)

And just for humor and the sake of doing something predicatble, here is a little icon I made XD

Oh and tomorrow I will hopefully will take a step in fixing this computer. Someone my dad talks too think it might be the hard drive and I'm desprate enough to go get a new one just to see if it'll cure the resetting problem. I think the hard drive is the best bet though as I never actually looked after it the best I should have ^^;

Now I must take my cough medicine and go to bed, hopefully my acheing neck will go away tomorrow.
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