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"Unintrested"? I'll giva ya "Unintrested".....

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~! I have 1MB...just ONE freakin' MB to do on a Pokemon Download and everyone of Shareaza starts to ignore me...freakin' typical! *cries* and to make it worse I'm going through my "OMG! I WANT POKÉMON PLUSHIES I PROBABLY WILL NEVER GET!" phase again...I want the Chikorita, and the bayleef, and the Cynderquill, totodile, latios, latias, Pichu, marill, Celebi....(*Lists most pokemon that and be avalible in Plushie Format*) and....JIRACHI! I despratly want a Jirachi! -_-;;

Okay enough of that! Tomorrow I'm going to Nottingham with my best friend Helen and her Girlfriend...least I get to be out of the house O_o;; Dunno if I'll buy anything while out though, probably pokemon cards if I do XD

Blah I'm trying to find Brawly the gym leader's Japanese name, I had it but lost it XD Typical me, I had written it down on a piece of paper now that papaer is forever lost in my untidy bedroom ^_^;; Ah I give up my character guide will have to go without his jap name for now...
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