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Finally Fruits Basket has been sent! w00t!

w00t! FINALLY Amazon have sent off my Fruits Basket DVD I'm hoping I get it tomorrow. Then I can have a Fruits Basket marathon! YAY!

In other news I feel kinda sick today and I don't think the cold is completly to blame. Due to my cough I haven't been able to sleep all that well at night and I was FINALLY dropping off to sleep when my nose decided to gush with blood....yay...dunno why it did that but I think my nose can get sensetive when I have colds so that probably could explain it, but yeah it's kinda made me feel a little off today, plus the right side of my neck is acheing -_-;;
Didn't help that work woke me up this morning asking if I wanted to work Sunday...er...no...that's my Sunday off, thanks for waking me up...
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