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Complaining and a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic idea

Well the good thing is today I feel a bit better than I have been over the weekend, bad thing today is that I still have a damn cough and the infection still feels like it's lingering in my chest...oh yay...
Another bad thing is THIS...STUPID...COMPUTER... I've lost count how many times it's reset today *kicks it* even when I'm doing something simple like just surfing the net, I am just SO close to just buying a new computer all together cos I think this one has just had it.

In other news I'm thinking of starting a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic (*Since the crossover fanfic ideas aren't working out*) though I've been trying to research into the card game monsters most of the afternoon but this computer is making that hard.
If any of you have more idea of the monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh than me it would be great for you to post any information, I mostly need attack names. I'm probably gonna limit the monsters they use to cos there's only a few I'm familiar with X_x;
Ones I'm thinking of using are: Blue Eyes White dragon, Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon (*For Kaiba mainly*), Red Eyes Black Dragon (*For Joey*), Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh and that funky Marsh Melon monster (*For Yugi*) and er...I have NO idea on monsters for Bakura but if anybody has any information on the Diabound Card he plays against Kaiba in the early memory arc episodes that would be good....or maybe I'll just make it be able to turn Bakura invisible cos I really liked how it could do that to Theif Bakura (*Whahahaha!*)
Erm magic and trap cards are another thing, I'm gonna use very few of those, just the ones I'm familiar with and can use in the story.

Hey anybody know the name of that card Kaiba uses to inflict a virus onto the oppodents deck for all kind of...higher level monsters, that one I can use I just can't remember the name.
I think I need to pay more attention to the card game XD

My story line also needs working on (*I like my idea although I'm sure some other fanfic writer has covered it at some point*) XD I think I'll go work on it now and give this computer a rest since it's been complaining all day *Kicks it again* Most likely this'll just be another failed idea in the works...

Yeah I'm sure this post made very little sense XD But I need to post this before my computer resets itself again...
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