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Damn colds >_

Well I've certinly been suffering with this cold. I've felt like crap these past few days and I've had to phone in ill for work Sunday and today, I hate doing that but there is no way I could of survived shifts there, not while I was suffering from bad head pains, runny nose, no appitate, sore throat and a cough. Now it feels like it's gotten a bit into my chest....wonderful -_-;;
I feel a little bit better now though, after feeling sick for most of the day I finally got some appitate back to snack on some fries and made me feel a lot better.
So don't be suprised if you don't see me around that much this week, my dad is being strict on how long I'm on the computer for but I agree with him, me staring at this screen won't do my acheing head any favors.

I have so many downloads to catch up on too O_O;; I need to get one of the Pokémon specials and get Naruto episode 103 subbed, but I guess I'll have to get them when I can.

Well I need to use this next hour to try and catch up on things, it's amazing how behind you get when your away from the computer for almost two days XD
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