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Just Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ramblings :p

I coughed a lot at work today...yay for my "mild cold" which i actually thought was going away but guess not.

Finally just about up to date with Soukyuu no Fafner, I'm up to episode 11 now. I'm waiting for episode 12 to get subbed X3
*Looks at all the media on her desktop* I need to make some CDs....

Anyway more Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ramblings for now we can all have fun looking at the offical site for the new series: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/yuugiou/
Okay so it's at the old address of the last series (*I think*) but I believe the old series is at another address *Shrugs* I never visited the offical one that much.

Anyway first your greeted by a very cute picture of Juudai and what i assume are his monsters. The Kuriboh with wings (*Hane Kuriboh? It's the one Yugi will give to him in the first episode anyway*) is so darn cute X3

Click on the first card at the bottom (*Going L-R*) you get a picture of some Island which I assume will be the location of the Duel acadamy, you can also see the preview of the show on here.
Not sure what the second card shows but the third card link gives you all the characters revealed so far and what house they are in.

First it's Osiris Red, basiclly this house is kind of the reject house cos Kaiba is a stubborn jerk and holds grudges XD Currnetly characters in this house are:

Yuuki Juudai: From the preview we can tell he looks like or typical goofy and possibly over-confidant main character, much different than Yugi was. Apparnetly it's been said he can "Hear the voice of spirits" and I'm guessing that's how his Hane Kuriboh can talk to him.
His hair reminds me of orange flavored chocolate....

Marufuji Shou: If any character was the love child of Yugi and Dartz, it would be him XD Seriously he does look like it huh?
He is Juudai's room mate. Seems like he's the shy type who can't show his potential. He has an older brother name Ryou and by the sounds of it their brother reletonship is strained somewhat.

Er...some clown looking dude O_O

Next we move onto Obelisk Blue, the high ranking house (*Again down to Kaiba, this time cos he's an egotistical bastard, for shame putting the God card he owned as the most "Best"*)

Tenjouin Asuka: Yes she's some weird chick who looks like Kaiba XD Probably has the attitude as well. I believe she may be seen as Juudai's rival, which would make sense.

Chronos: What crawled, died and created him O_o; *shudders* Apparently he is a Professor of Pratical Duels, so this guy is one of the professors? And apparently he is merciless and expells students...

Marufuji Ryou: Shou's older brother. Apaprnetly he's called the "Illusionaly duelist Kaiser"

Manjoume Jun: This guys preview image on the site (*The one you click on to get the full preview of the character*) looks drugged up XD Apparnetly he's the third son of some famous family O_o;

Now onto Ra Yellow, basiclly this is the middle house for people working their way up to Obelisk blue.

Misawa Daichi: He looks like some smug know it all....apparnetly he's one of the smartest or something, yeah whatever.

Okay there is my view on the current characters cos I'm just really really bored XD

And that be that *nods*
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