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The story that's concluded in the Light

So it's over, after 224 episodes Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters is over...

...and suprising I didn't get as upset as I throught I would (*The manga upset me more, I guess it's cos I knew it was coming with the anime*) well that and I just KNEW my dad would walk in near the end to ask me some pathetic question >_<
It needed an ultra cute Atemu/Yugi hug scene though. I honestly thought at one point there would be as Atemu comforting Yugi was so freakin' cute!
Everyone crying as cute too XD Poor Tristan cried like a baby, as did Tea but we all know she would :P

After the final credits roll you get to see the Yugi getting back to normal life with his friends ^^ YAY!

Next week we'll finally get introduced to this happy little guy:

OMG! TEH CUTENESS! *Huggles Juudai*

GX doesn't seem too bad and you always know it's going to be fun when you have a character who looks like this:

I think I'm gonna have fun with this guy in my reviews I'm sure...at least...I think it's a guy O_o;


Too bad there is no Yugi in the preview, I wanna know if he looks any different/Older. Guess I'll find out next week :P

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