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Catching up with Soukyuu no Fafner

So while waiting for the last Yu-Gi-Oh episode (*Which isn't up yet so I'll sleep and download it in the morning*) I decided I would catch up with Soukyuu no Fafner as I hadn't watched an episode since episode 7. I've now seen up to episode 9 and I feel very very sorry for Kouyou who is now in a coma cos those...er...funky golden shiny alien like things (*I forget what they're called*) assimilated his central nervous system or something ;_; Plus his "Parents" were total bastards, they only saw him as a fighting tool....blah.... poor guy...
And Shoushi seems to care more about the Fafner's than his friends controlling them ;_;
I think I should offer the cast some hugs XD
*Pokes the downloading episode 10* Ah so slooooow....

Also Amazon.co.uk are late in sending off the last Fruits Baskest DVD. Wha! I wanna see the last episodes of the show ;_; I'd hoped I would of had it by now...
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