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Best Fullmetal Alchemist dream EVER!

DUDE! I just had the weirdest FMA dream.

So I dreamed that Ed, in his last moments, draws some blood seal next to Al's on his armor in his own blood (*And convinintly writes his name by it XD*) then manages to attach his OWN soul to Al's armor, so now there are two of them attached to it. He whisperes to Al about what he had done but to keep it a secret as for some odd reason Envy and Dante think he's completely dead. So Al pretends (*And doesn't pretend very good*) that he's all devistated over Ed's death, but somehow Envy and co don't realize he's faking his grief.
Then Envy starts tormenting Ed's dead body, the bastard!
That was also kinda disturbing *shudders*

So somehow Al/Ed manages to escape. Al has all the control over the suit of armor (*It's like Ed's spirit is just....there*) Though I think they can switch over control to one another.
Anyway they head for this city (*From the distance it look all gold like*) and as they do Envy and Lust (*Again with Lust being in my dream, she's dead damnit*) say something about that they soon will be able to enter the city and destory their God or something O_o; Not sure what that meant.

Anyway next I remember Al/Ed being in an alleyway and Envy and Lust appeared, so Al/Ed runs off.

Eventually they meet up with Armstrong who lead them down some stairs. As he does he asks Al is Ed is okay. Still wnating to keep the fact that Ed is now attached to himself Al gets nervous and just says "Yeah he is" then Ed whisperes to his brother and says something along the lines of "No I'm not" sounding all annoyed XD

Anyway somehow they end up in the car park near some shops where I live XD There they find a HUGE tub of assorted biscuits *Shrugs* So they sit down and start eating them (*Even Al/Ed not sure why or how O_o;;*) and as they're eating these biscuits Al decides to tell Armstrong the truth about his brother. That he really ISN'T okay and that he's kinda dead but attached his own soul to the armor. Then Ed speaks but I can't remember what he says.
The end!

Best FMA dream I've ever had XD So far anyway...

Last episode of Yu-Gi-Oh shows today ;_;
Hopefully we'll get a preview of GX after it though ^^
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