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FMA 50 (*Subbed this time so I can understand it, YAY!*)

Well I read the translation Saturday night but still...

Anyway the whole thing about the gate turned out to be very very intresting indeed. Beyond the gate is a world where Technology has advanced instead of Alchemy (*In other words it's OUR world*) and when people die in our world they cross over the gate and become the energy for the Alchemy they use O_O
Also our world basiclly seems to be like a parellel universe, slight differences but most things exactly like the world Ed comes from INCUDING people as there was a boy there who looked just like him, the boy who's body he entered when he crossed the gate. Hohenheim also said there could be a boy that looks exactly like Al too.

This alternate world stuff beyond the gate is quite an intresting turn of events.

And everyone was right about Envy being the child of Hohenheim and Dante XD I wish they would show us a little Envy when he was a child, just for fun cos I wanna see X3 But with one episode left things are gonna have to be wrapped up quickly.
I'm still pondering on how they'll resurect Ed, I mean they have to cos he's in the movie. Personally I think Al will use the Philosopher's stone to revive him, maybe sacrificing himself, maybe not, but it seems like the obvious option.
I don't want Al to sacrifice himself as I wanna see a human!Al ;_;

Apparnetly the way it ends was suprising for the staff involved in it too and the VAs for Ed and Al cried cos it was over and stuff... reading that and watching how upset some people got over Ed's death makes me realize just how amazing this show really is. People have gotten so attached over it, even the staff who created it, it's just amazing O_O
GAH! I want next Saturday to come so quick but at the same time I don't cos I don't want it to end *cries*

Oh and talking of FMA when I mentioned this episode to my dad half an hour ago he was all like "And to think these are kids programs"
I could have died laughing and had to explain to him that just cos it's animated doesn't mean it's for little kids....then proceeded to tell him of the gruesome details FMA can have XD Wheeeeeee~!

Oh and this halloween I'm thinking of dressing up like an Umbreon, well in umbreon looking outfit, basiclly just all black with yellow rings stitched on and a black bandana X3
I hope we get some trick or treaters this year ;_;
If not I guess I could always save the outfit if I ever go to an anime con...
...IF I ever go to one -_-;;

Wheee! I like to ramble!
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