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Just bored and posting fanfic crap XD

I was bored so I wrote this...

The breeze off the ocean was always so refreshing, the sound so peaceful and relaxing. Kouji Minamoto often liked to come out to the cliffs near his home, just to watch the sea, which stretched for miles before his eyes. For him it was a nice way to loosen up and let all the stress off his shoulders, even for a little while and with the recent events around his village he needed it.

As he watched the small waves crash into the rocks below him a white coloured creature began approaching him in the sky over the sea. It called out happily and excited as it saw him. Kouji caught sight of this creature and gave it a warm smile before it landed beside him.

The creature was a Lugia, a Pokemon of the sea and air. Lugia’s were a pretty rare breed and called Legendary by most people, but this Lugia was only a baby. Kouji had gotten to know her when she was much younger and smaller, he tried to save her mother from some poachers by the sea, but they had gotten her. But unaware to them the mother had a baby hidden nearby and Kouji had vowed to watch out for her. The two were now best friends and the Lugia, in which he named “Silver” were inseparable.

“Wanna play?” he asked her. Silver chirped happily nodding her head, before taking off into the sky back over the water. Kouji reached into his bag nearby and pulled out some multi coloured plastic rings. One by one he tossed them at Silver and she caught each one with ease.

“You’re getting good at that” he called out to her. “I remember when you could barely catch one, though you were smaller back then”

Silver chirped back at Kouji as if laughing with him as she hovered above the blue sea. She then suddenly dove straight for him and before he knew it Kouji was sat on her back and they were flying in odd patterns over the water. Kouji just stayed silent and enjoyed the ride, he was amazed at how the once timid Lugia baby he had found had grown up to be so happy and confident. This made him smile, he was glad he had been able to help her.

A little while later, Silver touched down onto a small beach near the cliffs. Kouji slid off her back and wandered over to a small pool of water in the sand. He looked down at the reflection of himself and Silver.

“You see how much we’ve changed? How much you have? I’m really proud of you”

Silver just smiled slightly at the reflection of them both, then she saw Kouji’s expression change to one of anger as another reflection joined them from behind, one that looked almost like Kouji himself.

Quickly kouji stood up and spun around, greeting his almost mirror image with a cold stare.

“What are you doing here?” he snapped. “You know you’re not supposed to be anywhere near the village!”

“K…Kouji…I know but…”

“But what Kouichi!”

The boy just stepped back shyly, causing an Umbreon he had at his feet to look up at him.

“I…I….just wanted to see you, that’s all…”

Kouji watched the boy, whose face was not looking at his own, but rather at the sandy floor. Kouji’s angry expression softened off a bit and he managed a small sympathetic smile at him, his twin brother.

“Kouichi, I know it’s hard, but you mustn’t come near the village…” Kouji began. “…not until you can control the darkness you have been given”

“I know…” Kouichi replied back, quietly.

“You’ll only endanger the village if you don’t learn to control the Darkness Spirit, that’s why Taichi decided to exile you…You understand, right?”

Kouichi was silent and still not looking at his face, instead he just nodded slowly. Kouji was unsure if his brother had gotten the message and it pained him to be apart from him since he was sent away from their home, it pained him to have to tell him these things, but it was for the best of everyone.

“You best go…”

With that Kouichi silently left the scene with his Umbreon following his every footstep. Kouji just watched him leave with a forlorn look on his face; he just hoped that Kouichi would one day learn how to control the Spirit of Darkness so they could once again live like a family.

“Come on Silver, we better go too…” he said softly to the creature beside him. With that he began to walk off in the opposite direction to his brother, unaware that a smaller creature at the top of the cliff has witness the whole thing and quickly retreated in the direction of the Digimon Village.


Once he had reached the forest, his current temporary home, Kouichi stopped walking once again making his Umbreon look up at him, this time with much more concern on her face. As she watched her trainer stare at the ground, his dark blue hair hung over his face, she could clearly see the tears suddenly fall down like streams. He clenched his fists as they began to shake with emotion.

“Why…?” he whispered to himself. “Why does it have to be this way? Why was I given something I can’t even control!?…Why..?”

Kouichi then felt something rubbing against his leg. His tear filled eyes focused on his Umbreon who was nuzzling his leg in an effort to cheer him up.

“Shadow…” Kouichi whimpered slightly through a small smile now on his face. With that he knelt down and petted her on her head. “…thankyou Shadow…” He then pulled the Umbreon into a gentle hug. “…With you…I’ll never cry alone…”

Yeah it might be part of the anime crossover fanfic I'm planning. Though this comes somewhere in the middle of it...I still need to think up a war and what it'll be over and figure out a way how to get Alphonse missing so Ed has to look for him, I've figured out a way how to get Yugi's friends missing.
I also need to fit in a character of mine who has been the constent idea of who the bad guy will be through all these ideas. He can kinda read people's minds and is able to transform into anyone who is dead (*He can't transform into people who are alive*)

Yeah all the Digimon characters are all gonna live in a village together for fun XD YAY! And Tai will be their leader! YAY!

Okay I'll stop talking about fanfics now...nobody is intrested XD
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