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Just cos things like being Complicated....

Damnit! I knew work would do that!

When I was moved onto the checkouts one of my shifts was changed from a Sunday to a Friday so it would give me a 4 day weekend. But alas that place can't be simple and actually change it so it's right... So they continue putting me down for working that Sunday. Well last week I asked the person who had suggested changing this shift about it and she barely even remembered it (*Guess I can't blame her as she has a ton of us who have schedueles*) but still it was kinda annoying. But she told me to change the shift on my schedule and talk to personal about the fact that my contract hours had changed slightly.
I didn't have the time to talk to personal but I still changed the schedule but it seems like there was ANOTHER schedule that listed me with my old times.

So naturally I get a call from work just now asking where the hell I was -_-;; Great! Now I feel guilty for not going in, but I only followed what I was told, I didn't know they would have wrote down my sunday hours already before I changed it.
It's much too complicated for me anyway.... -_-;;

I hate the real world....I really do...

Doesn't help when I have on and off earache and other aches from this damn throat infection, plus I have a million other things I plan to do this weekend and I really wish there wasn't so many distractions from them...

Sorry for the rant fest :p

I hope I didn't piss work off too much -_-;;

EDIT: And if that isn't spiffy enough a day before I go to the doctor with my throat all the white spots have dissapeared, although as mentioned before I still have the pain and irritation.
How much betting I feel just fine tomorrow...
If I still have the irritation I'm still going cos having two bouts of whatever throat infection I have in a month isn't good, but it would have been MORE helpful if it didn't take a WEEK to actually see the doctor.
If it's clearing up on it's own dunno what the doctor could do except just tell me to come back if I have any more problems with it...
....even then it probably would take me another week to get to see her, if she says that I'll just ask if there is anyway to get to see a doctor or Nurse faster cos DAMN the health care system sucks... what if I had something serious then I would be screwed.
Was there ever a time where you could make an appointment and see the doctor the next day?
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