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FMA Episode 50 - *Is speechless but does a review anyway*

OMFG!WTF!!11one! vjdfjdnfvjds....

*Rocks back and fourth*

Out of all the people, out of all the people he ended up dieing....twice....in one episode...

Okay okay I'll review it from that start *Wipes tears away*

So it starts with with London!Ed and Hohenheim running through London while the zepplins are hovering over head, then Ed hears a child's voice er....in his head...
....I have no idea what's going on O_o;
So the zepplins drop bombs and stuff *BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!* Then planes come out of nowhere to tackle the zepplins.
Ed and Hohenheim have some conversation then we see the part where Ed goes through the gate and he seems to "land" into the body he is in now.
So was the childs voice he heard this other Edwards? O_o; EH!? When the boy gasps it sure sounds like the same child like voice.

The Touka Koukan speech has no music... that scared me....

Anyway it shows Havoc and Armstrong and Fury and all those others at whatever battle ground they're on....that's not important....

We have a scene with Pride and his son...I still think it's funny that his son sounds like Takato XD Should we dress Gluttony up like Guilmon, I'm sure Gluttony would be an excellent Guilmon XD

So Roy and others break into Prides home YAY! And Roy jumps over the wall with the grace of a ninja!

Terminator!Archer goes mental and blasts everything he can....

So Ed and Hohenheim carry on a lengthy conversation where I haven't a clue what they're saying *Need....sub.....bad....* then Hohenheim shows him his decaying arm...like you do...

Back with Dante and co they're trying to get Gluttony to do something to Al (*Who is laid in the middle of a glowing transmutation circle*) but Gluttony is still too traumatised over Lust. So Dante preforms some alchemy on Gluttony's oroborous tattoo which turns him scary and insane...

Anyway Ed and Hohenheim continue to talk before some people tun up to Hohenheim and they all walk to a car. After more talking Hohenheim leave in the car and Ed just wanders off then...
What a way to go...
Well actually he doesn't die straight away, he's lying in the wreakage with blood on his face. He claps his hands together to try alchemy but it doesn't work....then more of the flamming wreakage lands on him...

Next it's Roy vs Pride! Pride reveals himself to be a homunculus to Roy and then starts swining his sword at him catching Roy cos he moves so face, then Roy clicks his fingers and explodes the whole room... Pride is still alive O_O

Back with Dante's happy house of horrors, Wrath runs in screaming about his "Mama" again so Dante has Envy stop him then she uses Rose's baby to bring Wrath and Envy to the gate and has those freaky arms take Ed's arm and Leg off Wrath ;_; Poor little Moofy!
Then Envy starts freaking out and normal Ed pushes his way back through the gate!
Then Envy turns into Dr. Marco, then Hughes and starts to fight Ed. When Ed gets Envy in a headlock, he turns into Sloth and manages to get Ed off him.
Ed goes to do alchemy but I don't think he can with Al on the circle in case her....does....soemthing....I guess XD
So we get an old fashion punch up between Ed and Envy....Envy has amazing acrobatic skills O_O But Wrath grabs his leg allowing Ed to tackle Envy and start punching the hell out of him, even when he turns his head into various people....I think Envy gets to punch the hell out of half the cast XD Well that would be fun.
Then as Ed goes in for a super powered punch Envy turns his face to a ultra sexy looking and almost younger looking Hohenheim...

This freaks Ed out right and he's all like "Fa...ther..."
I have no idea why it freaks Ed out so much, again I NEEEED the sub, gimme a sub damnit!

Then....this happens...

Al is all like...."Nii-san..." and Rose comes out of her trance is all like "Edo..." and Ed is all like "Hey I'm gonna be dead now and bleed all over the ballroom floor..." And Togepi is like "OMFG! ED NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!11one!"

But then I remembered he's in the movie which takes place two years from this current storyline, plus we have one more episode left so I'm sure they'll pull and amazing "WTF?" way to bring Ed back!
But the scene is still emotional and I was just sat there speechless as I was expecting Al to snuff it, which would have been sad too but still, I wasn't expecting them to kill off the main character an episode before it finished O_o;
And there isn't any preview for episode 51, DAMN YOU!
But they do give us a sexy picture of Ed....hummmm...

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