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Random Stuffs cos I'm Bored XD

*yawns* I told my dad I'd go downstairs at some point... dunno what he wants me down there for, but I have a ton of messages to get through on DA at the moment and this Journal needed updating LOL

Well my two week holiday from work started on Sunday and I find it strange how I can actually get up for Pokémon on a Sunday morning with no problem when I don't have work =p I actually managed to watch a full episode of Teen Titans today...intresting show...Raven's head is weird...
I also managed to do some art after the long art slump I've kinda been in. Just of random Pokémon...

Eevee and Ratatta

Nidoran Male and Female

Cyndaquil and Butterfree

I also have some pictures of Team Rocket members based on a fanfic idea I have which probably won't be carried through cos I suck at fanfics completly, even though my ideas are good I can never get down those ideas into words on the computer...
... the fic is probably my excuse to be mean to Bashou, that Rocket member in the Raikou Special with the ice blue coloured hair... he's really cool and mean XD Perfect for fic angst stuff XD I'm kinda obsessed with him at the moment, I'm always obsessed with something LOL

Well apart from being bored and posting random things here nothing much going on... man I really wanted to start decorating my brother's room this week but doens't look like he'll be moving out yet at all... especially since this week he's working all week but at least that means he won't be in the house during the day :D

Okay and I'll finish off this rather random journal by asking a stupid quiestion based on a very random thought of mine... I thought it up ages ago but wouldn't leave my head last night...
...Anyone think Orochimaru from Naruto and Lord Voldermort from Harry potter are similar? XD Sorry I just randomly thought it up one day, I mean BOTH have snake like features, both have like an accomplice (*Wormtail/Kabuto*), Both are after boys with messy black hair XD Sorry my small brain just found it amusing...I probably could find more similarities but it IS almost 2am... my brain doesn't work so well at 2am...

I be going now XD
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