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"I'm new here, how do you spell "Kuriboh?"

I just watched the first dub episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh Doma saga online
Why did many people say it was crap, I enjoyed it ^^ Ah you gotta love the dub!
Best quote was indeed in the call center:
"I'm new here, how do you spell "Kuriboh?"
I agree that was an awesomely funny line XD;;

And as usual I say (*Or think*) names of things different to how they are really supposed to be pronounced. Though for the life of me I can't remember or spell the name of that damn seal so there for I shalt call it the glowy green seal!
Valon indeed sound Australian at first....then sounded like he was an extra on Eastenders (*That would be ze cockny accent*) Though it is hard to tell on a file where the sound is all tinny sounding.
I am so gonna enjoy this series X3
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