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Yugioh 223 - When Magnets rule over Gods!

I'm suprised I remembered that whole rhyme XD

Anyway so lets recap the last few episodes...

Atemu and Yugi duel, both go through phases of kicking the other's butt, Tea
*Major Angst* and lots of talking.

This episode pretty much goes through the same thing.

It starts off with Yugi who pwns Atemu by destroying all three Gods in one
turn with little Magnet robot monsters and some trap card called Magnet Force I
think, basically Silpher the sky dragon attacks and it's attacks are just bounced
STRAIGHT back to the Gods and BOOM they're gone XD It was fun to see.

But what is even MORE fun to see was Bakura and Yugi's grandfather dancing in circles
after Yugi destroys the Egyptian Gods.





"We're in LOVE!"

Best crack pairing EVER!

Dude I SO need to make an icon out of that XD I don't care if there's a risk
my computer could reset by making videos, I need an icon of them dancing! It was
so freakin' CUTE!

I don't want to go through a play by play of the duel, explaining them is hard
when you have no idea on half of the names of the monsters used, but I will say
Yugi's serious face is damn well adorable, he spends this whole episode pretty
much looking like that and it just makes me want to hug him X3

So they each once again take it in turns to kick the other's ass, drawing one
cool monster out after another. Yugi shows the Marshmellow card but he doesn't
play it which makes me a very sad Togepi cos I love that Rabid Marshmellow. But
he DOES play that pink fluffball, Watapon (Sp?), from the movie, but it's only
out for a few seconds before he sacrifices it or something for the Curse of

I prefer Watapon...Yugi, what happened to using your cute cards to kick ass!?

Then again the Magnet Warriors or whatever those little magnet robot things are
called are cute and they SO pwned the God Cards XD;;


It's so CUTE!

Anyway then Tea goes into angst mode...someone get this girl some Prozac, or
a fluffy bunny in which she can name Atemu and never let out of her sight XD But
Joey says a bunch of things which makes her happy again, awwwwww, so cute!

Eventually Atemu plays the Dark Magician who takes out Yugi's Summon Skull
(*I think it's Summon Skull*) then the Dark magician talks to Atemu in which
makes Isis goes all funny.

Mahaado X Isis 4 EVA! XD

And it all pretty much ends there....

Next week the very last ever episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters! It's all
gonna end and I will most likely cry cos I did when the manga ended, twas so
emotional ;_;

Then we get "Yuuki Juudai and the School of Duelists" or more commonly
known as Yu-Gi-Oh GX *lol* I SO need to write a terrible Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter
type parody before the show starts XD Cos it's just too easy too!

Oh and by the way, apparently in this weeks Naruto Manga chapter Sasuke grows
bat wings to add to the Super Saiyan-ness...

I think I'm the only one who thinks the manga rocks right now XD I mean c'mon,
Kyuubi! Naruto VS Flying Super Saiyan! Sasuke how crazy can that get! XD

Can't wait for the translated version gets released so I can read what's going
on! Hehehe!

In other news my bedroom is now tidy, but my throat is now suffering from not only an infection but irritation due to the amount of dust I had to clean up....remind me to clean my bedroom more often ^^;
Hopefully tomorrow I'll install Photoshop on my dad's computer so I can finish some of my Pictures ^^ YAY!
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