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Dreams of a Fullmetal Alchemist

Man last night, apart from dreaming that I was late for work on perpouse then realizing it was Thursday anyway so I didn't have to go, I dreamed of the ending of FMA which was intresting XD

Can't remember a lot of it but it had something to do with Ed creating a door with alchemy out of nowhere, it opens and Dante and the homunculus (*Including Lust....why was she there?*) disintigrate into a big bright light. Then I dreamed I was reading a review of the episode and it said how Dante says something about another "That Person" who was apparently behind her and the sins all along...
So I was like "YAY! It was left so open! SECOND SERIES!!!" XD
Oh by the way I think Wrath was the only homunculus to survive and he turned all uber good.

Yes my dreams are weird and I'm sure the ending of FMA won't exactly be like that XD

Well in just under two hours Yu-Gi-Oh episode 223 will finish downloading... I can't believe next week it's the final episode....I can't believe next week will be FMA's final episode too...*cries*
Well at least there IS Yu-Gi-Oh GX but I wonder what series I should start getting to replace FMA with *sighs* Ah well...
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