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Late Birthday Piccies!

I post early on a Thursday morning with happy late birthday piccies which I have finally finished!

For Thiro

For Aris

Sorry to the both of you that the colouring is useless, I'm missing Photoshop.
Although I might at least be able to finish some of the pictures, I just asked my dad if I could install it on his computer to finish them off....and after reminding me I have a bunch of housework to do before running of to colour pictures he said I could...
....but for some odd reason he doesn't want me to go on the net...I think he's CONVINCED himself that a virus has buggered my computer in which I don't think so *sigh* but either way hopefully I can get some pictures finished...

But for now I have a bedroom to clean and ironing to do after I sleep *yawns*
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