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The Good, The Bad and the Naruto Merchandise

I downloaded the raw of Naruto 102 but I think I need the sub, dunno what in the hell was going on. Something about a guy who can run really fast who naruto really doesn't get along with and er....some green haired, purple eyed Ninja from the hidden Rain who has a scar on his forehead *shrugs* It ends in some race or other *shrugs again*
The highlight of the episode to me was Sasuke beating up three guys saving some other guy who sounded very drunk to me.
The Chibi Sakura expl\ining the race course or whatever was very cute...
...as was the little Naruto Mechandise things....in Naruto.... I want them, they were cute XD

"Ooooh! Look! I'm a pretty Ninja with an Umbrella!"

The er... new guy who can run really fast...

I just love Sasuke's expression here X3


I'll do a better view on it when I know more on what's going on...
*Waits for Yu-Gi-Oh's second to last episode to become avalible*

Oh and almost forgot!

Nothing great just two more icons from episode 101 of Naruto XD
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