PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

What is it with my dreams and Haunted Houses....

Y'know what I had the weirdest dream last night. It was about some house that apparently used to be used for printing a newspaper or something like that, but anyway the place had been abandoned and for sale for ages but never sold so I took a look at it and it was so HUGE and clean inside with spaceous rooms. I think I ended up buying it so I could live in it on my own...
....then someone told me that loads of people died in the house in the past and it was haunted. I think I was in there one night then I left the place cos it suddenly turned from this pretty spaceous house to this really creepy one *shudders*
That was almost worse than the time I dreamed my family bought a castle like house and the guy selling it to us just HAPPENED to mention his son died while falling down the stairs...
...that too was haunted...
...I think my dreams are telling me I have issues...

Oh well here is a Kakashi icon:

It was begging to be made XD;;

Oh well I need to go to bed, I should of cleaned the hamster out tonight aswell, man I'm just too lazy, so I'll have to do her tomorrow morning, so she won't be happy when I wake her up XD;;
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