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YAY for Chimecho!

Behold my new LJ icon which was the best part of an otherwise boring Pokémon episode (*The last one that showed in Japan, it was about fugly fish XD*) Anyway that face Chimecho pulled when Team Rocket's Magikarp Sub sprung sevreal leaks I just knew it would be prefect for an icon to use when something (*Most likely FMA*) makes me go....
Man I need to go through myold list of favoruites and find some sites, I need that site with the pixel fonts again, I couldn't find it on google and all the pixel fonts I found you had to pay for....or register for....annoying...

Hummm at least this week I have a bit more time off work since I'm working my normal hours....most of that will be cleaning my bedroom though. I also need to reply to e-mails....when was the last time I even went into my hotmail inbox? O_o; Geez I've been so lazy and dis-intrested in everything recnetly....it sucks...
Think I might colour some pictures with pencil crayons and stuff now XD
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