PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

Spike! I challange you to a Pokémon Match! XD

Damn I had a really weird dream that I went to the islands in the Fire Read/Leaf green games and in a shop I challanged Spike (*From buffy the Vampire Slayer*)to a Pokémon Battle...although he wasn't really intrested... and I saw some cool Pokémon merchandise which I stole cos my dad wanted to go somewhere in a hurry and was like "Pay for it later" and I was like "What do I tell them!?!"

But no matter how much my dad was in a hurry to get to this one place he sees smoke so goes down this street and there is some Chinese place on fire...we see flames inside the shop and call the fire brigade but the shop isn't on fire when they arrive and all the workers inside gave us stuff to eat! YAY! LOL

...I have weird dreams....

Also today work had it's amusing part when Daimen, one of the people in charge in the warehouse, decided to quiz me about my love life and the convo went exactly like this:

DAIMEN: - So what's your boyfriend getting you for valentines day?
ME: - I don't have one...
DAIMEN: - Did you dump him?
ME: - (*Grins when he isn't looking*) Nope
DAIMEN: - (*After pausing for a little while*) Did he dump you?
ME: - (*Finding this amusing*) Nope
DAIMEN: - (*After pausing again*) Was it a mutual agreement?
ME: - (*Still amused*) Nope

Then he says something I didn't hear and didn't say anything else XD I found it amusing cos not ONCE did he even consider that I've never had a boyfriend, I was just seeing if he'd ask that but he didn't so, oh well XD Then for some odd reason I felt pissed off for the rest of the night and just wanted to go home, probably cos I had so much to do and Daimen goes and piles some more jobs onto me >_< He seems like the kinda guy I wouldn't get along with *sighs*
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